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With our low minimums, dedicated wholesale team and high performance gear, let's work together to elevate the yoga practice. When I turns to we, even illness becomes wellness.

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Offer our extensive range of yoga products in your retail space. We have mats, props, bags and activewear - everything you need for your wellness journey. Empower the yogi, empower the community.

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Elevate your student's practice with our unparalleled quality gear. Add joy to their experience by providing them with the best. *Customization available for your studio 

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We provide all the sales and marketing support you need to help you successfully distribute Warrior products in your country. Get in touch now and lets talk about how we can help bring sustainable products to your hometown.


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Rooted in Earth, Grown with love

Yoga is a powerful practice and we want to inspire our tribe to explore this using the right tools. The right tools are found in nature.

Mother Earth has given us a beautiful home in which we find food to eat, air to breathe, medicines to heal, sunsets to enjoy, mountains to hike, water to survive. She also gave us fibers whose quality surpass manmade alternatives. To illustrate our proof on concept we created our Ahimsa Mat. It is made using sustainable materials, is 100% biodegradable and chemical free. It grips much better than plastic mats, is anti-slip, odorless, and longer lasting. The values behind this mat inspired the rest of our yoga gear + activewear.

Let us tread lightly on Mother Earth by giving what we can and taking only what we need.