Our Saga

Shakti Warrior About


Our Intent

To create a brand that stretches beyond just high quality, sustainable clothing and accessories. We want to create a tribe of mindful, aware and healthy individuals.


Our Saga 

It all started when I wanted to invest in the perfect yoga mat. However it surprised me that my options were limited. I found that the mats that were available were fundamentally flawed, they slipped as soon as I started sweating, were made with harmful chemicals, and were just boring. My mat would be my sacred space so I wasn’t willing to compromise, and that’s when I decided to make a mat that would be a blend of beauty, quality and sustainability.

In search of the roots of yoga, I moved from New York to India in 2017. I recruited my mother and Shakti Warrior was born. We set out to create something using the timeless principles of yoga: awareness, high ethical standards, love, beauty and discipline.

With this in mind we engineered designs and materials that would enable the warrior to exceed their limitations and generate a life of positivity and possibility. We used fibers that honor both mother earth and us and used only the highest quality of materials. To add joy to your human experience, we added a collection of clothing and other yoga essentials. Shakti is the powerful female energy that runs this brand. We are proud to be a woman owned and operated company.

Warrior Mantras

Be a Shakti Warrior. Commit to yourself. Have the discipline to relentlessly pursue your goals. Learn to master yourself. Have mental focus. Love yourself. Be courageous. Speak out for the truth. Discover yourself. Explore the world. Breathe deeply. Live healthy. Don’t compromise your principles. Be selfless. Express yourself. Live in the moment. Don’t condemn a situation to fate - go out and change your stars. Challenge your own beliefs to dissolve suffering. Seek the truth. Create a new earth where everyone lives with awareness and compassion.