Our Intent

To create a brand that stretches beyond just high quality, sustainable clothing and accessories. We want to create a tribe of mindful, aware and healthy individuals.

Our Saga

It all started when I wanted to invest in the perfect yoga mat. However it surprised me that my options were limited. I found that the mats that were available were fundamentally flawed, they slipped as soon as I started sweating, were made with harmful chemicals, and were just boring. My mat would be my sacred space so I wasn’t willing to compromise, and that’s when I decided to make a mat that would be a blend of beauty, quality and sustainability.

In search of the roots of yoga, I moved from New York to India in 2017. I recruited my mother and Shakti Warrior was born. We set out to create something using the timeless principles of yoga: awareness, high ethical standards, love, beauty and discipline.

With this in mind we engineered designs and materials that would enable the warrior to exceed their limitations and generate a life of positivity and possibility. We used fibers that honor both mother earth and us and used only the highest quality of materials. To add joy to your human experience, we added a collection of clothing and other yoga essentials. Shakti is the powerful female energy that runs this brand. We are proud to be a woman owned and operated company.


Be a Shakti Warrior. Commit to yourself. Have the discipline to relentlessly pursue your goals. Learn to master yourself. Have mental focus. Love yourself. Be courageous. Speak out for the truth. Discover yourself. Explore the world. Breathe deeply. Live healthy. Don’t compromise your principles. Be selfless. Express yourself. Live in the moment. Don’t condemn a situation to fate - go out and change your stars. Challenge your own beliefs to dissolve suffering. Seek the truth. Create a new earth where everyone lives with awareness and compassion.

Sonakshi Bagla, Founder an Chief Warrior

Sonakshi founded this brand on pillars that represent her. She believes deeply in sustainability and the need to protect and honor Mother Earth. By developing the ahimsa mat she illustrated that Mother Earth actually has better fibers than man made alternatives.

Sustainable solutions are the only way. Being a yoga teacher herself, she has an active lifestyle and advocates the importance in having one. She hopes her products inspire this lifestyle in everyone. The company is built on the foundation of empowering women and giving back as she is a strong believer that we can only rise through lifting others. 

A yoga practitioner, yoga teacher and an NYU graduate. Sonakshi has a background in merchandising. 

Viviana Wilches, Chief Business Development

Being the founder's best friend, Viviana had access to the early prototypes and samples of the yoga mats being developed and designed by Sonakshi and her mom. After using one of the cork mats during a yoga class, there was no turning back. 
Everything about the products and the brand resonated with Viviana and she knew working with Sonakshi and Shakti Warrior was the next step to doing something special and that she actually believed in and cared for. 

Not only is she a yoga lover, practitioner and teacher, she is also an honors NYU graduate with a passion for sustainability, and the Warrior behind the operations and sales for the brand. 

Anita Kumar, Chief Creative Head

Anita is not only a renowned calligrapher but also a best selling author. She has 5 published books and continues to keep writing inspirational stories. She has been practicing yoga and mediation all her life and has seen the benefits of being a practitioner. Since a young age she taught herself the art of fine handwriting and started gaining recognition for her handwriting at the age of 11. Anita is also a motivational speaker, a cancer survivor and continues to inspire people through her work. She hand designs the artwork behind the brand. With a passion for giving back she is true yogi.

Shakti Warrior Cares

What we stand for is what we stand on

Shakti Warrior is eternally grateful to Mother Earth for providing us with not only food, water, air and healing herbs, but also nature’s music and beauty. However today Mother Earth is crying, and we take a firm stand to help wipe her tears. 

Upcycle old Yoga Mats We take your old yoga mats and give you a 10% OFF your new purchase and we turn your old yoga mats into flip flops. We then distribute these flip flops to the underprivileged community. Win Win

We plant a tree for every cork mat we sell

Eco-friendly Products We make eco-friendly mats. Our Ahimsa and Ananda Mats are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. They are made using natural tree rubber and water based inks. Our Ojas mats are made without any harmful chemicals.

Stitching Back Lives

We believe it is our duty to empower women dedicated to earning honorable livelihoods. Despite being born in impoverished households, being denied education, having suffered mental and physical abuse, these women fought through life and are now determined to learn and earn. These women are our heroes.

ILCA at Samarpan Foundation

We partnered up with the Institute of Learning, Culture and Art (ILCA) to help provide jobs to socially disadvantaged women. After mastering basic tailoring techniques, they mindfully crafted all of the Shakti Warrior Yoga Mat BagsThey are paid high wages, work in encouraging conditions, served nutritious food and are provided with health care. We are grateful to ILCA for providing us an opportunity to work with their ever-smiling faces and continue to develop this relationship.

Empowering Women

Shakti Warrior is committed to empowering women athletes. Playing a sport is an important foundation upon which a child’s character is built. We believe it helps a child learn about teamwork, healthy competition, discipline, inspires healthy living and most importantly teaches them how to have fun.  

Shakti Warrior Coaches

We place volunteers in schools where sports are seriously underfunded to allow a child to shine bright in every sphere of his life. With our coaches we hope that no child’s dream is ever big enough.

Rooted in Earth, Grown with love

Yoga is a powerful practice and we want to inspire our tribe to explore this using the right tools. The right tools are found in nature.

Mother Earth has given us a beautiful home in which we find food to eat, air to breathe, medicines to heal, sunsets to enjoy, mountains to hike, water to survive. She also gave us fibers whose quality surpass manmade alternatives. To illustrate our proof on concept we created our Ahimsa Mat. It is made using sustainable materials, is 100% biodegradable and chemical free. It grips much better than plastic mats, is anti-slip, odorless, and longer lasting. The values behind this mat inspired the rest of our yoga gear + activewear.

Let us tread lightly on Mother Earth by giving what we can and taking only what we need.