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Namaste! Our mats made from 100% eco-friendly natural tree rubber and recycled PU are gentle on both you and the planet.

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Sustainable mats to explore

Luxurious Clothing for all your activities of all intensity

Hemp Yoga Mat - Chakra From $94.00 USD
Hemp Yoga Mat - Samskara From $94.00 USD
Hemp Yoga Mat - Mandala From $94.00 USD
Hemp Yoga Mat - Shivshakti From $94.00 USD
Hemp Yoga Mat - Aura $94.00 USD
TPE Yoga Mat - Chakra $59.00 USD
TPE Yoga Mat - Jnana $59.00 USD
TPE Yoga Mat - Ajna $59.00 USD
TPE Yoga Mat - Akasa $59.00 USD
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