One of the best parts about mornings is smelling the aroma of the coffee that is brewing in your kitchen. The morning high that follows after a few sips is delightful. Coffee also has anti-oxidants, so it helps your immune system to fight on. However boost your coffee by adding 1.5 tbsp of coconut oil! Yes, the magical coco adds a delicious twist and provides multiple health benefits.

  1. Boost of energy. Coconut oil is mostly made up of MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) and these are absorbed super quickly by the body and give it immediate energy. Unlike other fats these simply get converted into energy without adding on to your love handles. Coconut energy >> Caffeine energy, imagine how the two together could benefit you.
  2. Improve your metabolism. MCTs have been shown to increase metabolic rates.
  3. Antiviral and antibacterial. Coffee already contains anti-oxidants. However by boosting it with coconut oil you are giving it antiviral and antibacterial properties as coconut oil contain lauric acid. Lauric acid can help you fight cold sores, flu, common cold amongst many other diseases
  4. Coconut oil helps you suppress appetite, so a cup of this boosted coffee helps you feel full for longer.

Upgraded Coffee Recipe

  • Brew 1 cup of coffee using filtered water and freshly ground coffee beans.
  • Add in 1.5 tablespoons of Coconut Oil to hot coffee
  • Mix it all in a blender for 20 seconds until its frothy like a foamy latte
  • Enjoy your satiable cup of coffee

I’m loco about coco, are you?


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