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Dinacharya (morning ritual)

The sun is our most predictable and trustworthy friend. It rises daily in the east and sets in the west. It enters our lives with incomparable power as it lights...

The sun is our most predictable and trustworthy friend. It rises daily in the east and sets in the west. It enters our lives with incomparable power as it lights up an entire sky. It provides life on earth by photosynthesizing our plants that we need to eat. It gives us the Vitamin D we need to live. It energizes us and affords us good health so how should we give our Namaskar to this magical Surya.

    1. Start your morning by waking up early. Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. This is true because waking up early gives you more hours in the day to do things you love- like time to make yourself a nutritious breakfast instead of hurriedly picking up something before work, or time to work out instead of being tired in the evening. As you step out of bed, feel a sense of gratitude to mother earth before stepping on it gently. This sets your intention for the day.
    2. Drink warm water with lemon. This really is the perfect morning drink as it aids the digestion system making it easier for you to eliminate waste. It also alkalinizes your body, which is very important, as an acidic body is a breathing ground for infection.
    3. Eliminate the waste from your body as it needs to clear your digestive system of unwanted waste.
    4. Oil pull on an empty stomach for 15-20 minutes. It’s a simple task of taking a tablespoon full of organic cold pressed coconut oil and swishing it around your mouth. This detoxifies your body by cleaning out your mouth of all the bacteria, fungus and toxins. It simple logic as the gateway to your body is your mouth and removing toxins from your mouth eliminates the chance of contamination through this channel. Since much of our immune system’s energy is spent cleaning out the body, by reducing toxins we are adding more prana to our life. All the toxins that would otherwise cause bad skin are removed- so welcome clean and clear skin and smile broadly to show off those pearly white as oil pulling also brightens your teeth since it possesses antiviral properties. Rinse your mouth well with salt.
    5. Brush your teeth with an activated charcoal based dental powder. Yes activated charcoal, as that possesses the ability to absorb plaque and other microscopic germs that stain the teeth. So dip your finger into your activated charcoal based dental powder, and leave on your teeth for 2 minutes. Then take a sip of water and swish is thoroughly through the mouth and spit. Rinse well after. It not only visibly whitens your teeth but also balances the pH in your mouth, which in turn helps in killing bacteria. You can use a toothbrush if you feel weird using your finger but the toothbrush mixed with the charcoal might be too abrasive on the surface of your teeth. Your mouth will feel oddly clean after using this. No you will not have that minty fluoride feeling (which may I add is terrible for you) but an actual clean feeling.
    6. Gently scrape your tongue- Did you know that the tongue is a mirror of your intestines and if there is thick white coating on it – it means there are toxins present. So gently scrape it to prevent oral cavity, bad breath and remove debris of food.
    7. Jala Neti Kriya (nettipot) to cleanse your nasal. Use a Jala Neti pot and let warm salt water flow up on nostril so that it reaches the bridge of the nose and flows in the middle and comes out of the other nostril. Do this a few times to clear your sinuses, remove harmful bacteria and help give you better concentration and mental clarity. It also helps awaken the ajna chakra. Yes breathe in life more deeply.
    8. Abhyanga (massage the body) with coconut oil for 2-3 minutes as you need to relax your temples, scalp, hand and feet. Your body thanks you
    9. Offer your namaskar to the Surya by doing as many Surya Namaskars as you can. Morning exercise will strengthen your core, reduce fat and give you that early morning energizer.
    10. Bathe with luke warm water and use salt to remove any negative energy that your body may carry. Use natural products to wash your self.
    11. After cleaning yourself sit in the lotus mudra on your eco-friendly warrior mat (We don't need any chemicals) for just a few minutes and close your eyes. Either meditate in whatever style you choose or just sit and feel the joy of being. This not only brings more prana to every cell in your being but also increases your happiness. Just feel the calmness of being and see where your journey of self-discovery takes you.
    12. Eat breakfast. Yes it is the most important meal of your day as it gives you fuel for the rest of the day so enjoy it and eat a nutritious and wholesome meal. Have fresh juices, smoothies or choose from the healthy breakfast options we have listed.

Have a beautiful day filled with gratitude, love and compassion. Namaste.

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