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Our props provide support, improve alignment, and deepen stretches, making it easier to reach new heights in your practice. Whether it's a block for stability, a strap for flexibility, or a bolster for relaxation, our Yoga Props have got you covered.

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Elevate your practice with our yoga accessories - find your balance, deepen your stretches, and enhance your meditation.

Cork Yoga Bolster $75.00 USD
Lift Cork Yoga Block $25.00 USD
Align Cork Yoga Block $25.00 USD
Surya Cork Yoga Block $25.00 USD
Balance Cork Yoga Block From $25.00 USD
Ajna Mat Bag $35.00 USD
Ananda Mat Bag $35.00 USD
Dark Blue
Available in 2 colors
Anitya Mat Bag $35.00 USD
Anjali Mat Bag $35.00 USD
Arjuna Mat Bag $35.00 USD
Aura Mat Bag $35.00 USD