Why a cork yoga mat

Hey yogis, fall in love with your 100% chemical free, artist designed cork yoga mat! 

Our Cork and Natural Tree Rubber yoga mat has substanially improved a product that has been around for centuries. How? you might ask. Well here is how!

  1. It has the perfect grip. The natural tree rubber securely grips the yoga mat on to the floor- say good bye to injuries! 
  2. It is anti-slip. The sweatier you get the more anti-slip the cork surface becomes. Now hold the asanas without the feeling of instability. This is because cork absorbs liquid, so the wetter the mat the better the grip.
  3. It has great cushioning for the joints. The high density of the natural tree rubber provides a great cushioning for the joints and the cork surface feels really good on the body.
  4. It is extremely easy to clean! Cork itself is anti-bacterial, so we say just wipe it down with water after your practice. 
  5. Cork's anti-microbial properties resist smell, dew and molds.
  6. The natural tree rubber used doesn't have the odour you typically get from other rubbers. Say good bye to smelly mats
  7. It is 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable. The environment is not hurt! Cork is harvested without harming trees and grows back every few years. To make a PVC mat it causes pollution, then to degrade the mat it causes pollution. 
  8. When you are breathing on your chemical mat, you actually inhale the chemicals unlike a cork mat! Also as time goes on the chemicals from your chemical mat transfer on to your body.
  9. The mats are hand designed by an indian artist!! They are absolutely beautiful and made using water based inks! 
  10. They have an excellent durability! 

A cork mat is not only kind to you and kind to the earth it also enhances your practice! As yogis, we care both about you and the earth! Lets live in a world that is Chemical Free! 

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